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Years of experience of successful delivery has led NetCom to adopt the following delivery model for projects:
Business Requirements
The business requirements are usually shared by customers to address a specific problem or to provide a new solution with respect to evolving business requirements.
Customer Workshop and Project Plan
The purpose of this stage is to have a meeting with key stakeholders to identify scope of the project, dependencies, resource requirements and success criteria. Based on this data, NetCom builds a project plan, deliverables and acceptance criteria.
The POC or Pilot is recommended to demonstrate early proof of the outcome of a project. A POC helps identify dependencies and helps to identify critical areas for a successful project delivery.
Design and Delivery
Based on the data from Customer workshop and POC data detail design is carried out during this phase which leads to a delivery of project to customers.
Final Delivery and Knowledge Transfer
At the end of a successful project, customer is handed over the final deliverables. A knowledge transfer session is conducted to appointed representatives from a customer. Project completion sign off is given by the customer upon successful completion of a project.