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    M-CRM and Advanced Analytics

    In the new world of digital marketing customers have started implementing MCRM (Marketing CRM e.g. Oracle Eloqua) systems such as Oracle Eloqua to transform marketing by truly knowing the customer, engaging with cross-channel marketing, and achieving data driven accountability. Integrated information from cross-channel, content, and social marketing with data management and cloud apps can enable customers to target, engage, convert, analyze, and use marketing technology to deliver a better customer experience.

    Netcom’s analytical expertise assist customer’s to optimize MCRM capabilities by

    • Enriching the contact database for campaign audience selection
    • Adopting Revenue Performance Management (RPM) strategy in campaign analytics
    • Enabling MCRM’s CLR (Closed Loop Reporting) for multichannel campaigns
    • Recommending customized and actionable business insights
    • In addition to the digital KPIs from MCRM, additional insights based on statistical analysis to improve lead scoring and marketing efficiency

    NetCom proposes the following approach to customers who are new to MCRM:

    A. Pre-MCRM Analytics Framework: This framework allows a customer to build a process, methodology and key KPIs for measuring performance of digital marketing campaigns. For HCPs, the process allows integration of online and offline promotions for a more holistic segmentation/scoring leading to refined targeting. The following diagram depicts the process:

    B. Post MCRM Analytics Framework: The framework developed during pre-MCRM period can be adopted on top of MCRM to gain business intelligence using advanced statistical techniques. The following diagram depicts the process:

    NetCom’s MCRM engagement model:

    • Customer engages Netcom with Marketing and IT leads for MCRM to start discovery calls
    • Netcom will partner with key stakeholders to collect and document necessary information on initial planned campaigns including (but not limited to)
      • Objective
      • Duration
      • Description
      • Target audience
      • Selection criteria (segmentation, filtering criteria)
      • Control group
      • Sources of data
    • Netcom will subsequently recommend an analytics plan for campaign effectiveness measurement using MCRM in combination with advanced statistical methods and external data where appropriate. This plan may include a feasibility assessment in the short-run vs. long-run timeframe if needed.