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Listening Platforms

NetCom’s Listening Platform service collects information from such social media sites.  The collected data is organized and presented to deliver useful insights.

Process for Listening and Data Collection

The process is as follows:

  1. Step-1: Identify sources for social listening and collect data based on pre-determined criteria
  2. Step-2: Categorize, cleansing and analysis of data
  3. Step-3: Apply scoring algorithms and feature extraction
  4. Step-4: Provide insights in the form of a report

The following diagram depicts the process for data collection from social media sources to providing meaningful insights:

Insights from Social Media Listening

The following table lists the insights that are delivered by NetCom Systems for Social Media listening projects:

Insight Description
Share of Voice A share of voice snap shot for the Monitored Duration
Buzz Trend A buzz trend line chart for the monitored brand for the monitored duration with identification of what news/sites caused the peaks during the month.
Moving Buzz Trend A change in Buzz for the monitored brand in comparison to the buzz in the previous month.
Conversation Cloud A conversation cloud depicting the key words associated with the market basket and monitored brand.
Key Influencer A list of sites / social network users / forums that generates the most conversations / posts for the market basket.
Discussion Themes A distribution of all posts for monitored brand by discussion topic
Sentiment Monitoring Sentiment report for various topics for the monitored brand

Typical Project Scope and Key Deliverables

Project Scope

Here is an example of a typical project scope for providing a brand monitoring from a social media sources

Description Unit Remarks
Number of Monitored Brands 1 A brand name that is being monitored
Market Basket < =15 Customer can select up to 15 competitors for listening market basket.
Product Attributes for monitored brand. < 10 Customer can select up to 10 product attributes for monitored brand.
Data Sources Consumer Only Website sources which are free of cost to access. Any paid license based sources are excluded from the scope.
Number of monthly posts (approximately) < = 500,000 Number of social website posts that are analyzed
Monitoring Period 12 Months From and To dates

Project Deliverables

Here is a sample of deliverables from a listening platform project undertaken by NetCom Systems:

Report Section Details
Brand/Class - Monitoring Reports 1) Brand Level Share of Voice
2) Buzz Trends: Monitored Brand
3) Conversation Clouds: Monitored Brand
4) Buzz by Media Type
5) Key Influencer Report
Attribute Level Sentiment Monitoring Report For monitored brands only
Contextual Verbatim for Conversation Clouds De-identified Verbatim to provide context for terms in the conversation clouds
Contextual Verbatim for Attribute Level Sentiments De-identified Verbatim to provide context for attribute level sentiments

Sample Discussion Trends

Here are sample discussion trends which are derived from Social media listening for a brand:

Sample Sentiment Monitoring

Here is an example of sentiment monitoring for a branded product:


NetCom has strategic partnerships to deliver vertical market insights from Social media listening.