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Web Engagement Analytics

Visitors and customers are likely to visit several sites similar to your website before making a purchase decision. If your goal is turn a new visitor of your website into a customer or keep the existing customer loyal to your brand, you have to understand how a user/potential customer is engaged with your website.

Does your website aim to provide its visitors with information about your products & services? Do you wish to convert new visitors of your website into potential customers? Do you ensure that the existing customers stay loyal to your brand and keep visiting your site? How do you measure and increase the visitorsí engagement with your website?

Customers visit more than just one site in their search for products and services. You have to understand how a user/potential customer is engaged with your website if you wish to improve their experience and keep them coming back.

When it comes to Web Engagement Analytics, most companies face the following challenges:

  • Web clicks do not adequately explain user interest
  • Difficulty meeting unique user requirements/expectations (One size does not fit all)
  • Is there a solution that is designed to capture this unique foot-print on your web-property?
  • Is there a solution that segments the users and engages them differently?,

Yes, there is NetComís Web Engagement Analytics method is called IAI (Intelligent Active Intervention).

The IAI tool has the following primary features:

  • The tool will detect every user page visit (click) action during a web visit (session) in real time
  • The tool will communicate the user action to a back end server (part of the delivery of this software)
  • The survey will compute in real time the user engagement level and other user traits as defined in the Digital Body Language (DBL) Map
  • The Digital Body Language (DBL) map shall constitute of:
    • Overall Session Time (till that point)
    • Specific Pages Visited (each page is rated differently)
    • Specific pre-identified user actions
  • The DBL map is customizable and will be arrived at after conducting specific discussions with the stakeholders at the Client site
  • Once implemented the DBL map can be customized at request
  • Additional business rules can be identified to determine:
    • Which user action will generate an IAI survey?
    • What kind of survey will be generated (pop-over, can I help you, road block)
    • What will be the post survey action performed by the site?
    • What questions will constitute the survey(it is recommended that a single survey should not contain more than one question with each question having not more than 4 answer options)
  • All survey responses will be uniquely tied to the web server session ID and collected at a central repository

The following is an example of web engagement analytics survey:

Websites, micro sites, social media sites and mobile sites/applications are the new digital tools for exponential growth in any business. Successful organizations are adopting these platforms as a part of their digital marketing strategy.

NetCom has strategic partnerships to provide vertical business segment expertise in Web Engagement Analytics.